The General Assembly has fumbled to many times when it comes to medical marijuana. Now they want to give away any benefits to special interests. It is time the people decide.

Join the Initiatives and help bring medical marijuana to suffering Tennesseans.

Medical Marijuana in Nashville and all of Tennessee

It's time Tennessee joins other medical marijuana states.

The big medical marijuana news concerning marijuana in Nashville is the General Assembly is ready to create a medical marijuana production and medical marijuana dispensaries monopoly for out-of-state special interests.Their only concern being profits not patients.

It is time for medical cannabis in Nashville and all of Tennessee.

Join the Tennessee Medical Marijuana Initiatives and let the people of Tennessee decide the future of medical marijuana in November 2016.

Join the Tennessee Medical Marijuana Initiatives and help end our failed prohibition against nature's most versatile medicine.

Marijuana is medicine and it is time we started treated it like it.

Before 1937 marijuana was used as a safe and effective medicine for the treatment of 100 different aliments.

Tennessee Medical Marijuana Initiatives