Tennessee Medical Marijuana Voter Initiatives

I believe it is time for Tennesseans to have the right to vote on how our cities and counties handle marijuana. The federal government keeps calling the states the "crucibles of democracy" when it comes to marijuana. It is time for Tennessee to light its fire and it is up to the people to do it.

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If you had wine in stores on your 2014 election ballot you could have medical or maybe even legal marijuana on your 2016 ballot. But I need your help.

I am a life-long resident of Knox County and East Tennessee.

I know that marijuana is medicine and there is proof to prove it.

I know that everyday thousands of patients in Knox County alone are forced to suffer because they are denied access to medical marijuana.

I know this has to stop.

In 1971 the Tennessee General Assembly established a unique Schedule VI just for marijuana. They knew including marijuana in Schedule I was wrong. During the 1980’s Tennessee had an operating medical marijuana program. More recently the state of Tennessee has authorized the production and sale of hemp which is a Schedule I controlled substance and illegal under Federal law. And the state has ordered a study of the medicinal properties of CBD in marijuana even though such research is illegal under federal law. And finally a recent estimate of the production of marijuana by state (both legal and illegal) ranks Tennessee as 3rd in the nation behind only California and Kentucky.

Our state has had a long history with marijuana and a long disagreement with the federal government over its status.

The General Assembly has had years to stop the suffering of Tennesseans but is unwilling to do so. So the people will restore their right to medicine as safe and effective as marijuana.

I am starting a voter initiative in Knox County and I will help any other Tennessean do the same in their city or county. If you had wine in stores on your 2014 ballot you could have medical marijuana on your 2016 ballot. But I need your help.

It is time for the people of Tennessee to take their medicine back. Thank you for your help.


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Voter Initiatives for Medical Marijuana in Tennessee